The Carlos J. DaLomba Foundation was established in September of 1993 in an effort to promote one of the primary goals of its namesake:  to encourage Cape Verdean youths, particularly those form disadvantaged backgrounds, to better themselves through the pursuit of higher education.  During his life, Carlos sought to encourage  educational and spiritual advancement in the youths to whom he dedicated so much of his time.  The Scholarship is intended to ensure that his efforts are recognized and continued.  

​The scholarships, one-time awards in the amount of $1,000 are presented in August of each year to two (2) individuals selected from among that year's applicants.  All applicants must be:

1) of Cape Verdean descent;

2) High school seniors (in RI or MA) and

3) Accepted to at least 1 post secondary 

​educational institution for the coming year ​(The

award recipient will be required to verify acceptance to at least one (1) such school.)

application process

Applicants are evaluated in the following categories:  

Academic performance

Community and/or religious involvement and participation

Financial need

The Application and Recommendation Forms must be received by the Scholarship Committee on or before June 19th.

 All application materials should be forwarded to the attention of the Scholarship Committee at: